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Top 20 high rated sites for backlink submission

Written by NIDM

Top 20 high rated sites for backlink submission

The link submission is the main activity in off-page SEO. for the people who handle their or others websites. they should website optimization. in that, they will do ON_page & off-page activities and some of them are struggles to find high-rated backlink submission sites. you can ask that "by normally searching in google we will get lot of websites for submission". but in this blog, I'll mention the only high-rated sites for submission by doing deep analyzes and research. so every website In this list will work and all are highly rated and also tell the purpose of that sites below.

Check the below website

1. Facebook
2. Instagram
3. Twitter
4. Linkedin
5. Pinterest
6. Quora
7. Mix
8. Reddit
9. Tumblr


Facebook is a famous platform. you know that everyone is using Facebook and making business. here you can mention your link like do submission, add a link in your profile, etc.. but it is no follow site so you can't get link juice. but from here you will get a lot of reach and website engagement and backlink quantity will get increase. It is No Follow site


Instagram is the same as Facebook and the purpose is also the same for backlinks. here also you can't get link juice but website traffic and engagement will get increase. and you can earn a lot using Instagram. It is No Follow site

How to do backlinks submission:

There are several rules and ways to do backlink submission for Off-Page activities which is leads to do quality link submission. that is.
1. If you doing link submission first choose the good Keyword to rank and submit in the title.  2. And secondary mention good relevant description to your website and title. 3. Check for the website Domain Authority. DA should be more than 50 range. 4. Check for the website Spam score. and it must be less than the 7-10 range. 5. Submit at least 10 quality sites per day. 6. Use tools like MOZ bar extension to check the DA score and Spam score for submitting sites.7. Mainly concentrate on Blogs, articles, images, pings, quora,8. Try at least to write 1 blog to make practices and get more reach.
These are the major things to do in Off-page activities. so please follow the rules and ways to do link submission. and the other hand you have to keep searching and do a lot of submissions for website optimization, here I only mentioned several sites. but there are a lot of sites are available to do. it is like an ocean you have to do deep analyzes. for that, you need more patient and concentration.


In end. it is just one part of website optimization. and remain a lot of things are there to do. so if you wanna your website to optimize from a third party. there are several freelance sites are there like fivver,, etc.. and also you can approach some of the best agencies to do. like NIDM, etc... It is in Bangalore, BTM Layout, and other parts of Bangalore. they also provide courses for digital marketing at an advanced level. it is the best Digital marketing training course in Bangalore.


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